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Empower and retain more customers

Great customer retention starts with building great relationships between your customers and your business. Servgrow's customer portal gives your customers a branded customer portal to manage their relationship with you by requesting work, viewing estimates, checking past and future appointment details, paying invoices online and so much more.

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customer portal for field service companies

Build Customer Trust

Customer trust is a key pillar to building great relationships with your customers and skyrocketing your retention rate.

With a branded customer portal, your customers can see their past and upcoming appointments as well as the date, time, address and even the first name and photo of the team member assigned.

build customer trust

All the features and all the support.

approve estimates

Approve Estimates

Servgrow's customer portal reduces the back-and-forth with customers by allowing them to view all estimates. And when they are ready to move forward, they can approve and digitally sign from anywhere with an eSignature- and you'll be notified immediately.

Win More Business

Time is money! Stop wasting time on the phone or playing phone tab by giving your customers a convenient and easy way to request or schedule work.

When you receive a work request, Servgrow notifies your business immediately and automatically gets the information in the app. This allows you to quickly convert this request to a job or estimate in just a few clicks.

win more business
accept online payments

Accept Online Payments

Customer and view which of their invoices are currently due or past due and easily make a payment in just a few clicks. Servgrow then automatically records the payment and amount in your account and QuickBooks if you have synced.

Simply put, customer paying online through the customer portal is easy, quick, secure and seamlessly integrated.

Save a ton of time!

The customer portal saves hours of your time by empowering your customers to manage their relationship with your business- building trust and skyrocketing your customer retention.



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