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Cloud-based software for electrical contractors that enables electricians to streamline operations, go paperless, get up to minute reporting, receive instant payments, explode their online presence and much more.

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Electrical contractor to efficiently Serv
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Simple Communication with customers, recurring agreements, scheduling and get paid fast!

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ServGrow integrates your invoices and payments and gets money in your account quickly.

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Save time and labor with ServGrows estimating, invoicing, scheduling and payment processing. Saving you thousands of $$$ a year.

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Chat with our community of electricians that want to help you succeed in your business.

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Increase your online exposure and finally start being found online. With ServGrow, you'll get a professional website, local listings, SEO, review management and more.

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What is Electrician Software?

Electrician software is a management tool to help streamline your electrical business. Modern electrical contractor software features efficient scheduling, dispatching technicians, sending estimates, text message communication, quick invoicing, instant payments and more. ServGrow's innovative technology takes it further with proprietary features that help increase your online presence in the search engines.

Electrical Invoicing Software

Technicians in the office or the field can create error free and professional invoices for their customers to see and approve on the spot. Simple customer approval process makes it clear the work to be performed and the cost so everyone is on the same page.

Electrical Scheduling Software

Easy to view and navigate calendar view makes it simple to connect technicians with jobs by simply drag and drop functions. Everyone will know their schedule and job details to stay connected and get the job done right and on time.

Electrical Contracting Software that connects Quickbooks

Keep your financials clean and in order with ServGrow’s Quickbooks integration. This saves time by eliminating double entry of estimates, invoices and payments. All job details are synchronized seamlessly to help you stay organized and get paid faster.

Electrical Estimating Software

Easily load your catalog of services and products to have the ability to put together a professional and accurate estimate at the job site. Customers can approve the estimate and invoice generated with just a few clicks. Your customers will be impressed with the professionalism and quickness that you can communicate and get the job done.

Electrical Dispatch Software

Dispatch Software will boost productivity and communication with your fleet with one click. Both technicians and customers can be notified who is assigned to their job and when they are expected to arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Techs use the software on the job?

Yes, technicians can use the software anywhere with access from a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet. The software allows easy management of technicians in the office, but also easy access to boost efficiency and communication out in the field. Technicians can create estimates, invoices, and receipts out in the field for better customer experience, and the same information can be seen from administrators in the office.

Integrating a business software platform like SERVGROW with a dispatch board will help dispatchers schedule new jobs immediately when they are booked.

It also resolves conflicts and curveballs faster. Additionally, software aid in the making of high-level decisions that drive revenue and boost efficiency.

Do you have GPS Capabilities?

Yes, the software has GPS tracking features along with real-time dispatching to keep the office administrator and assigned technician connected. With GPS tracking, you will have access to locating your electrical technicians with a clear map view.

Easy drag and drop will schedule jobs and extend the appropriate time taken by the job. The system is intuitive, responsive, and straightforward.

Does your software track inventory?

The software does not currently offer inventory management features, but our software is constantly adding new features to ensure the daily operations of your electrical business is as simple as it can get.

One single click can also call techs by routing the call through the office phone system.

Do I get a free website with my subscription?

Yes! Save hundreds of dollars in website design fees and get a free professional website design with your ServGrow subscription.

The software also helps technicians remain in touch with the office through SMS or phone.

What are the benefits of using electrical service software?

ServGrow Software makes managing your business simple and efficient. This ultimately will lead to more revenue, happier customers and more money in your pocket.

Let us show you how easy & fast
Servgrow can grow your service business.

See first hand how Servgrow field service management software will increase your efficiency, revenue and grow your online presence. Prepare to be excited!

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