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Founders License

Claim a limited founders license and receive special lifetime pricing and access to all current and future Servgrow features for the life of your plan. (Save thousands over the life of your plan.)

$29 / month*
Never pay a dime more!

Founders License Benefits

To celebrate our launch, we are giving away 100 Founders Licenses to the first 100 businesses in each industry. We are 100% committed to customer success, which is the foundation of what Servgrow was built on.

Access to all current and future features.

Servgrow already has everything you need now to streamline your business, but we have over 20 features planned for 2022.

We won't every stop making Servgrow better!

Enterprise plan for starter plan pricing.

You'll save hundreds, if not thousands each year with your Founders License. In 2023, our enterprise plan will be over $200 a month.

You'll only be paying $29 a month- for life!

Shape the future of Servgrow.

With a Founders License, you'll have direct VIP access to provide invaluable feedback to help shape the future of Servgrow.

100% Customer Success Committment!

Founders Licenses are limited. Claim yours now you lucky dog!
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