How to Get HVAC Leads: Top 10 Insanely Efficient Ways

HVAC Leads

The Future of HVAC Leads Looks Bright

Over 10,000 people in most areas are searching for HVAC service each month.
Average cost per HVAC service lead is $250 to $300
The demand for HVAC services is expected to reach 82.5 billion by 2026. Wow!
Booming construction and demand for energy efficiency are the main reasons why the HVAC industry is growing so rapidly. This growth triggers a significant uptick in HVAC installations and of course, HVAC leads.

As competition increases for more HVAC leads, so does the price to buy HVAC leads. When you think about it, more HVAC competition, mean less HVAC service leads for everyone, unless.

Unless, you master HVAC lead generation so that you grab a larger piece of the pie. And, who doesn't want a bigger piece of pie?

When you combine great HVAC service with mastering HVAC lead generation, it has an insanely profitable snowball effect.

Think about it, more than 90% of consumers go to the internet to search for a local business. 33% of all consumers visit Google daily. Do they find you?

When a homeowner with a damaged Air Conditioner visits Google as searches for "HVAC repair company', do you rank before your competitors?

When they ask for a referral from friends, is your HVAC company recommended?

If you can answer yes to these questions, then watch out for that massive snowball coming your way.

If you didn't answer yes to all of these questions, then don't worry. In the article, we'll show you 10 effective strategies on how to get HVAC leads on the mastery level.

HVAC lead generation

Build a Powerhouse HVAC Leads Converting Website

It doesn't matter how many HVAC leads you can bring to your website if those leads are just going to hit the back button or do nothing to contact you.

Which means you're burning money on lead generation and your ROI is flushed down the drain quickly. Here are a few ways to turn your website into a powerhouse converting website.

Optimization for UX (User Experience)

UX is short for user experience, which is how the user navigates your HVAC website. Optimizing for UX will instantly increase the amount of HVAC leads that are generated through your website.

So, how do you optimize for UX? We listed a few things you can do right now.

  • Speed. Get your site loading fast. Then, make it faster. Research shows that users that leave your site increase by 32% when your site increases load time from 1 to 3 seconds.
  • Mobile Friendly. Around 64% of users search from a mobile device. If your site doesn't display correctly for a mobile user, they are gone faster than cake in our lounge room.
  • Call to Action. Make sure your site has a great call-to-action when it first loads and is visible without having to scroll down. Our HVAC companies say having a nice headline with a 'Quick Quote' or 'Free Estimate' button has increased their HVAC leads. (Example > Headline: Your HVAC Specialists in 'Your Location' - Button: Get a Free AC Checkup)
  • Test. Test all of your links and buttons to make sure they are working. One HVAC company learned the hard way after launching a site without working links. It wasn't until after a full week of low HVAC lead generation that they realized nobody could get to the form.
  • Analytics. Dive deep into your visitors behaviors by analyzing analytics and heat maps. One HVAC company increased their HVAC generation by simply changing the color of a button. What color? Test and you'll find out what works best for your HVAC brand.

Implementing these changes to optimize your UX will most certainly increase the amount of HVAC leads generated from your website.

Leverage Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Showcasing customer reviews and testimonials is a very powerful HVAC marketing strategy that can instantly create credibility. Almost 9 out of 10 consumers check out an HVAC company's reviews before contacting them.

By having reviews and testimonials on your site, you are in control of what is shown. In addition, this will prevent the consumer from taking the next step of leaving your site, going back to Google and searching for "Company Name Reviews".

Once a consumer leaves your HVAC site, 60% of the time, they don't come back. This simple add to your website will strengthen your HVAC lead generator.

Don't have any reviews yet? Don't worry, getting good reviews is quick and simple.

1. Sign up to one or all and add your business to Google Locals (Need a local address to verify), Yelp or Facebook (Business Page), Thumbtack.

2. Reach out to family and friends and ask them to leave you a review. One or two reviews will get you going!

Out of the review sites, our HVAC customers say showcasing Google reviews is their top recommendation. Apparently, HVAC customers like to see Google and 5 stars on their sites over the other review companies.

Kickstart Your HVAC SEO

Now that you have your HVAC website UX optimized with a few 5 star reviews, it's time to start the foundation of HVAC SEO.

SEO is possibly the best marketing channel on the internet for HVAC companies to generate HVAC leads. Better then mailers, tv, billboards and other HVAC marketing channels that rely heavily on your memory for when the time comes for you to need their company.

This requires massive budget and spend on these HVAC marketing channels to create enough brand awareness to stay in a consumer's memory.

82% of consumers go to the internet to search before finding and contacting a local service company. Which means their memory on traditional marketing channels is secondary to searching the internet.

Think about it, something happens with a person's air conditioning unit in Phoenix during summer time (I know, scary!). Soon after, they sit down and search for 'AC Repair Phoenix' or something similar.

Now, imagine the power of the top spots that Google has elected to show as the top AC repair companies in their area.

This consumer, in real time is looking for an HVAC company and then lands right on your site. Can you say skyrocket in HVAC leads?

Now, HVSC SEO takes time so getting your feet wet right away is crucial, even if you just dip a toe to start.

SEO consists of two main parts, on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

1. On-page SEO: This is easy part. This is where you optimize your HVAC website for the search terms your customers are searching for when they need your HVAC company.

This consists of optimizing meta tags, headlines, images, schema and other items. HVAC is a competitive industry when it comes to SEO, so mostly all companies will be dialed in with their on-page SEO.

Ok, if most all companies have excellent on-page SEO, how does Google determine who ranks higher? Higher rankings = more HVAC leads. This is where the difficult part comes in...

2. Off-page SEO: This is where the difficult and time consuming part comes in. Off-page SEO consists of other websites linking to your website.

When a website links to yours, this is building authority to your domain. A higher authority and trustworthy site that links to your site, means your site goes up in authority and trust in Google's eyes.

And with all things being equal, the higher authority and more trustworthy sites are usually the ones at the top. There's a few more variable that go into ranking but you should get the idea.

Now, being in the HVAC industry, not many website are going to be naturally linking to your website. So, you will need to take it upon yourself to do this or hire an HVAC SEO company.

Anyone can do SEO, however, what is your time worth? Master SEO companies usually already have an massive infrastructure in place and have thousands of relationships with webmaster all across the internet.

This makes it extremely efficient in building authority to HVAC sites.

In addition, doing this while trying to follow Google's guidelines is like walking a tight rope over the Grand Canyon. Side note: I have actually seen that by the way - someone tight rope over the Grand Canyon - so it can be done.

Whichever you decide, just get started with HVAC SEO and before you know it, you'll be having to hire new HVAC technicians to keep up!

Leverage HVAC Software to Generate HVAC Leads

Utilizing HVAC software is one of the easiest and most cost effective way to generate HVAC leads.

HVAC software helps to make sure your current customers come back to you and not reach out to your competitors when they need air conditioning and heating services.

We all know the stats, it costs 5 times more to get a new customer, than it is to retain a customer.

"Every time we send out an SMS broadcast via Servgrow, we book an average of 5 jobs. This Servgrow feature is amazing and does a great job to keep our techs busy during slower times of the year." - Sal S (DYW CC)

"Our Servgrow follow up campaigns consistently keeps us in front of our customers. After each job is complete, we have several campaigns that automatically reach out to them to let them know they are do for service or to remind them of that we are here for them. Customers are busy living their life, and Servgrow helps remind them about us when the time comes." - Tim. D (Cooler Air Today)

Servgrow HVAC software does an amazing job to create customer loyalty to your HVAC brand by giving them an exceptional customer experience.

A new generation of HVAC customers have arrived and they are all about the customer experience. They Uber, Netflix and chill, have Amazon on speed dial, they may even tweet about you.

With this new generation - and even the old generation - Servgrow HVAC software allows you to offer features these HVAC customer expect.

Here are some features that Servgrow will give you to create an amazing customer experience for your HVAC customers.

  • A paperless experience
  • Off and On-site quick estimates
  • Custom Website
  • Online booking
  • Remind customers of their appointment
  • Let customers know you're on the way
  • Guarantee on time arrivals
  • Send and receive SMS texts
  • Share photos
  • Allow them to pay online
  • Let them know of HVAC specials via texts and emails
  • HVAC customer portal

Retaining your HVAC customers by making sure they have a fantastic customer experience is a guaranteed way to increase your HVAC leads.

See for yourself >> Try Servgrow free for 14 days

Referral Campaigns

Referral campaigns can be crazy powerful when it comes to getting HVAC leads. Now with that said, they will also fall flat on their face if your HVAC service isn't up to par. Because who wants to recommend a bad service? Exactly.

Obviously, your ac & heating services are spectacular so let's get into it.

Referral campaigns are designed to extend your network by incentivizing your current clients to spread the word about your HVAC company brand name.

When current clients understand that they can get rewarded by referring great HVAC service to their friends and family, it becomes a no brainer. It's a win-win-win!

"Servgrow allows us to create a referral campaign after each job. An email is scheduled to go out a few days after service explaining the program and what they receive for referring someone to us. It's crazy effective and simple at the same time." Tim (Outdoor GC)

Below are several ways to incentive your current customers and entice them to refer your HVAC company to their friends and family- skyrocketing your HVAC leads that come in.

  • Discount on their next service(s).
  • Lifetime discount for all services. This really makes them a referral powerhouse.
  • Free tune-up service after a certain number of referrals.
  • Gift cards (Pro Tip: Most times you can get a $25 gift card for $20).
  • Cash. Sometimes as little as $5 can motivate a customer.

This should get you going on implementing a referral campaign to explode your HVAC lead generation service.

>> Try a referral campaign with Servgrow for Free here

Build Your Social Media Platforms

When built right, your HVAC social media platforms can generate an HVAC lead (or two) every day. Social media is powerful and in today's world, having a great social media presence will turn visitors and leads into customers.

50% of HVAC business owners reported growing their HVAC leads by leveraging social media. Which means, 50% of HVAC companies that are on social media are doing it wrong.

Below are some first steps into growing your social media platform to increase your lead acquisition. We're going to focus with the 1000 pound Gorilla platform that is home to over 2 Billion users, known as Facebook (or Meta now).

  • Get started. Creating a Facebook business page is free and only take a few seconds to set up.
  • Fill out the profile with your business logo, background image, business information and most importantly, a booking button.
  • Send an invite to every single one of your friends, family members and customers. Continue sending invites until they all except. Most will ignore the first invite but eventually 'like' after the 2nd or 3rd invite.
  • Constantly post content to your HVAC business Facebook page. Research from our users suggest 2 posts a week at a 5 to 1 ration (5 informative and/or funny posts to 1 promotional/sales post).
  • With each new customer, make sure you send a message asking them to like your Facebook page for future discounts. Again, continue sending this until they like your page.

Eventually, you'll have a massive audience that you can market too. Remember, average 2 times a week at at 5 to 1 ration will have a steady stream of social media HVAC leads coming your way.

Email Marketing for HVAC Lead Generation

One of the most cost effective ways of generating HVAC leads is email marketing to a targeted list. Research shows ROI earnings of $40 for every $1 spent. Not even the top HVAC schools will teach you this.

"Servgrow's follow up email campaigns allow us to stay top-of-mind for our customers. Our "Looks like it's that time again" email campaign generates several online bookings during the campaign." - Michelle. D (AC Complete Care)

Email marketing works for HVAC lead generation if you're emailing a targeted audience, customer for your business and delivers a message that's relevant to your customers needs.

Below are some tips to help generate a better email marketing ROI.

  • Limit your email campaigns to smaller batches targeting specific customers. Tip: Leverage the tags or cities in Servgrow to narrow your audience.
  • Provide educational content about HVAC safety, air quality and how to get the most out of their HVAC units. Customers like when you're trying to help them, without asking for anything.
  • Avoid Spam triggers. Using FREE, exclamation points, SALE, etc., will surely assist your email in landing up in the junk folder.
  • Clean and update your customer lists regularly. Always check for bounces and undeliverable and try to update that email with the correct one. Customers change their emails all the time.

Following these simple email marketing tips should generate a higher rate of HVAC leads in your next campaign.

Content Marketing

Content marketing, when done right and better than your competition can work tremendously for getting HVAC leads.

"One of our HVAC blog posts receives over 100 visitors a day. It covers a common HVAC problem and visitors often need additional help. And that's when they contact us from the blog page." Tim (Cooler Air Today)

Developing a content marketing strategy sounds complex, but it's actually pretty simple. We give you some simple steps below to get you started.

  1. Find HVAC featured snippets or topic ideas that your customers would be searching for. Example: Air Conditioning Unit is leaking water
  2. Write a detailed blog post about the HVAC topic and optimize it for the keywords: Air Conditioning unit is leaking water
  3. Give steps in the blog post on some issues that could have caused the problem and then finish with simple steps that might fix the problem.
  4. End with a call to action for them to have you assist them with the issue. Bam! HVAC lead gets added to your schedule.

After you create the blog post, you'll need to promote it on all of your social media platforms and try to do a little SEO to build authority to the post.

These initial steps should get you going on building a successful content marketing campaign.

Facebook Marketing and PPC

Facebook marketing and PPC (Pay Per Click) is a quick way to generate leads for your HVAC company. However, getting an HVAC lead from Facebook will cost a little more per lead than previous strategies listed above.

This evolving strategy is fast-moving and delivers your message straight into your customers view in real time.

Google PPC

Lastly, we have Google PPC for HVAC lead generation. We saved this one for last because it's the most costly. Which means you'll need to know what you're doing if you don't want to throw money down the drain.

HVAC leads from Google PPC can come at a heavy price. A price that averages around $200 an HVAC lead.

Generating HVAC leads is extremely important to growing your HVAC business. If you follow these strategies, we guarantee that you will immediately increase your HVAC lead generation.

One more thing, take action now. Do not wait to implement these strategies. Not doing is not knowing. Get to work!



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