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Pool Cleaning License Arizona: AZ's Ultimate Licensing Guide

If you are starting a pool cleaning business is Arizona, do you need to be licensed? This depends a bit on where in the state you want to do business and a bit more on the extent of the work that you intend to do.

Pool Cleaning License Arizona: AZ's Ultimate Licensing Guide

Any business operating in the state of Arizona will have to comply with local or municipal regulations. This will vary according to the location. For state business licenses, businesses can use the state income tax form for licenses and registration. However, bonding requirements related to your business need to be completed before you can use this easy route to business licenses and registration. To apply for a contractor license, contact the Arizona Registrar of Contractors for information.

Licenses in Regard to a Pool-related Business

If your municipality requires certification for a pool cleaning business, you may need to get certified as an Arizona National Swimming Pool Foundation Certified Pool Operator. This course takes about 16 hours and requires that you pass an exam. If your business will include repairs, maintenance, and upgrades on pools, then you will need a contractor’s license in Arizona. The precise license that you need will depend upon the exact nature of any extra work, remodeling, construction, or upgrades that you will do. However, if all that your service will be doing is routine cleaning of pools and treating the water, you will not need a contractor license.

The sorts of “extras” that will require a contractor license can be as simple as installing heaters, light fixtures, filters, pool railings, or piping. The contractor license will be in the classification for spa and pool work.

There Is No License Required for Pool Service in Arizona

The state of Arizona does not require licensing for a pool service technician or any similar work. The specific license in regard to pool work is a Pool Builder license. And, any electrical or plumbing work will require additional sub-licenses. To the extent that your pool service diverges from water treatment and pool cleaning and starts making structural changes, you need to consider having a Pool Builder license with all of the necessary sub-licenses. Depending on whether you are working on residential or commercial pools, you need different licenses or both.

Swimming Pool Service and Repair License

If you pool service does minor repairs in addition to water treatment and pool cleaning, you may need this license but not a full contractor license. This work should be limited to minor fixes on accessories and general features of residential pools. Any work on plumbing connections to a potable water (drinking water) system needs to be done by a licensed plumber. Likewise, work on gas chorine systems, gas lines, and work on the electrical system (beyond disconnecting when there is a problem) must also be done by licensed contractors. This work can include minor repairs of pool decks and the pool interior but not complete replacement of either.

Pool Cleaning License Arizona: AZ's Ultimate Licensing Guide
Pool Cleaning License Arizona: AZ's Ultimate Licensing Guide

Consumer Help with Pool Service Complaints

When a licensed contractor does work on a pool the state of Arizona provides various legal remedies for defective work. These include filing a complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors (ROC) or lawsuits for civil action for breach of contract and similar issues.

Arizona does background checks on contractors so when hiring a contractor it is possible to check their database and do a contractor search for current license and other issues. If a consumer wishes to file a complaint against a licensed contractor it must be filed within two years of the date when work was last performed.

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