10 Important Restoration Tools [Rated by Restoration Technicians]

retoration tools

If you're a restoration technician or looking to start a restoration company, you have move likely heard of these leading restoration tools.

  • Moisture meter
  • Air movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Wet/dry vacuums
  • Moisture detection cameras
  • Demolition tools
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Air scrubbers
  • HEPA vacuums
  • Air quality monitors
  • Power generators

This is a great list of tools for restoration technicians, but how do we know which ones are the best? Well, we've asked our top pros to give us their best and can't-live-without restoration tools while on the job. Let's get to them!

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Leading Tools For Restoration Technicians

General Moisture Meters

Detect Hidden Leaks with General's Moisture Meters

Easily detect hidden leaks in wood, concrete, plaster, and carpet with General's ultra-sensitive Moisture Meters. Available in both analog and digital models, the Meters provide accurate moisture level readings, making them the perfect tool for new home inspections, locating roof leaks, or even selecting dry lumber at the yard.

Features include:

  • 99.9 count LCD display with 0.4 in. high digits
  • Wood/building materials selection switch
  • Low, medium, and high moisture sounds and on-screen icons
  • High accuracy and resolution
  • Data hold, auto power off, and low battery indicator
  • With General's Moisture Meters, you'll be able to detect leaks quickly and accurately, ensuring that your projects stay on track and on budget.

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Servgrow Restoration Software

Restoration software is just as important to your business as every other tool. Servgrow's restoration software will help streamline your business, save your huge amounts of time each week and give your customers an amazing experience that will have them coming back to you for life!

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Klein Tools ET140

Non-Invasive Moisture Detection with Klein Tools ET140

The Klein Tools ET140 is a powerful tool that can detect hidden moisture content up to 3/4-inch (19 mm) deep without damaging your surfaces. Whether you're testing drywall, masonry, hardwood, or softwood, the mode button makes it easy to select between materials.

With a bright, reverse-contrast display and LED bar graph, the ET140 provides clear and easy-to-read results. Don't let moisture damage go unnoticed; upgrade to the Klein Tools ET140 for efficient and effective moisture detection.

best retoration tools

Seek Thermal RevealPRO Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera Portable

Introducing the Seek Thermal RevealPRO Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera

Discover the power of thermal imaging on the go with the Seek Thermal RevealPRO. This portable camera is designed for ease of use, featuring a 300-lumen LED flashlight accessible at the touch of a button.

With advanced level and span controls, you can isolate the critical details that matter most. The camera boasts 76,800 temperature pixels for maximum clarity and sensitivity, making it the most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera on the market.

The RevealPRO is highly durable and user-friendly, featuring a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor and intuitive software for maximum efficiency. Upgrade to the Seek Thermal RevealPRO today and work smarter!

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Bosch GTC400C 12V Max Connected Thermal Camera

Introducing the Bosch GTC400C 12V Max Connected Thermal Camera

Discover an easy and efficient way to determine temperatures with the Bosch GTC400C 12V Max Connected Thermal Camera. With just a squeeze of the trigger, this camera delivers accurate thermal graphic images that are both detailed and precise, with a resolution of 160 x 120 and an accuracy of +/- 3 °C.

This camera is equipped with a large, illuminated color display and simple click wheel functions for seamless operation. The thermal graphic image offers over 19,000 measurement points, revealing hot and cold spots, temperature at the center, and an adjustable temperature scale.

But that's not all—the integrated visual camera allows for actual image recording, making it easy for users to document their work area both visually and thermally. With just a click of a button, you can store up to 500 images on the camera for future reference.

The Bosch GTC400C is powered by the Bosch 12V Max battery platform for extended professional runtime. And with the GTC software, you can seamlessly transfer your thermal documentation to any device via Bluetooth or WiFi hotspot.

Experience the convenience and precision of the Bosch GTC400C 12V Max Connected Thermal Camera today.

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FLIR TG267 Thermal Camera

FLIR TG267: The Handheld Thermal Camera for Quick and Accurate Diagnostics

Upgrade from single-spot IR thermometers with the FLIR TG267 and never miss a hot or cold spot again. This handheld thermal camera allows you to quickly and accurately examine everything from electrical connections to mechanical breakdowns, saving you diagnostic time and simplifying reporting and long-term monitoring.

Featuring FLIR MSX (multi-spectral dynamic imaging), the FLIR TG267 improves image clarity by embossing visual scene details on thermal images. This provides added context to accurately target potential faults and troubleshoot repairs. You can also record images to monitor maintenance history and reassure customers that problems have been resolved.

The FLIR TG267 comes with a simple user interface, Bluetooth connectivity, storage for up to 50,000 images, and a rechargeable Li-ion battery. It's all ready to go out of the box, making it the perfect choice for professionals who need a reliable, high-quality thermal camera.

retoration technician tools

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ArmorAll AA255

The ArmorAll AA255: Your Portable Cleaning Solution

Looking for a capable shop vacuum that won't break the bank or your back? The ArmorAll AA255 is the perfect choice! Despite its small size, it comes with a variety of attachments, including a floor nozzle, crevice tool, concentration tool, and car nozzle, making it incredibly versatile.

And don't let its compact size fool you—the 10-foot cord and 6-foot hose provide plenty of reach for cleaning your car outdoors. Plus, at just 8 pounds, it's light enough to carry from place to place.

The only drawback? With its smaller 2.5-gallon capacity, you'll need to empty it more often. But for a truly portable cleaning solution, the ArmorAll AA255 can't be beaten!

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Craftsman CMXEVBE17590

Craftsman CMXEVBE17590: The Powerful and Affordable Shop Vacuum

Discover the power of the Craftsman CMXEVBE17590, a medium-sized shop vacuum that delivers impressive horsepower at an affordable price. With a nine-gallon capacity and an oversized drain for easy emptying, this shop vacuum offers unbeatable convenience.

At 15 pounds, it's not the lightest option out there, but the casters make transportation simple and hassle-free. Get your hands on the Craftsman CMXEVBE17590 today and experience the power and convenience for yourself.

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Vacmaster VBV1210

The Vacmaster VBV1210: Heavy-duty cleaning with a 12-gallon tank

The Vacmaster VBV1210 is a powerhouse of a shop vacuum with a 12-gallon tank, making it the second-largest of the models we tested. Its large size allows you to clean up a substantial amount of mess and water with ease.

However, the vacuum itself is heavy, tipping the scales at 17 pounds, which can make it more challenging to move than smaller models. Fortunately, it comes equipped with four 360-degree casters to facilitate mobility. Note that while the casters work well when rolling the vacuum, they can fall off if you lift the machine, which is something to keep in mind.

Overall, the Vacmaster VBV1210 is a reliable and powerful choice for heavy-duty cleaning projects. 

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There you go restoration pros! important (with a bonus) of the leading restoration tools that will make your life a whole lot easier.

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