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10 Must Have Window Cleaning Tools [Rated by Window Cleaners]

window cleaning tools

If you're a window cleaner or looking to start a window cleaning company, you have move likely heard of these best window cleaning window cleaning tools.

  • Squeegee
  • Scraper
  • Bucket
  • Cleaning Solution
  • Microfiber Cloths
  • Extension Pole
  • Ladder
  • Safety Harness
  • Window Cleaning Solution Applicator
  • Window Cleaning Solution Bucket
  • Window Cleaning Solution Mixing Jug
  • Window Cleaning Solution Spray Bottle

This is a great list of tools for window cleaners, but how do we know which ones are the best? Well, we've asked our top pros to give us their best and can't-live-without window cleaning tools while on the job. Let's get to them!

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Best Window Cleaing Tools For Window Cleaners

Ettore 30116 squeegee-off window cleaning soap, 16 ounces

Get your windows sparkling clean safely and quickly with Ettore's Squeegee-Off window cleaner. This ecofriendly formula is specially designed to cut through persistent dirt, grease, and grime without ammonia or hazardous chemicals while producing no streaks or slips. Ettore has the perfect solution for streak-free cleaning every time!

window cleaner tool

Servgrow Window Cleaning Software

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Windex Outdoor Glass & Patio Concentrated Cleaner

Windex is an easy and effective solution for any outdoor glass cleaning need. Its spray can reach tall windows without the hassle of a ladder, so you're able to quickly clean siding, patio furniture, and more with just one product! Give your home's exterior surfaces some love with Windex—the name in glass cleaning that requires no introduction.

Cleaning windows has never been simpler! With Windex Outdoor Glass & Patio Concentrated Cleaner, all you need to do is attach it to your garden hose and turn the nozzle - no wipes or scrubbing required. Just spray on the solution, let sit for 15 seconds before rinsing off with water, then keep that yellow plug in place when not in use - perfection achieved.

best window cleaning tools

E-Cloth Window Cleaning Kit

Make cleaning chemical-free with E-Cloth microfiber cloths! Simply dampen the waffle weave window cloth, use a bit of elbow grease to remove all dirt and grime, then finish off by wiping down with the dry polishing cloth. Keep them in rotation - just toss into the wash when finished for reuse time after time.

window cleaning tool


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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Sheets

Mr. Clean's Magic Erasers provide a powerful all-in-one cleaning punch! From tough window grime to dirt and marks on sills and frames, these mildly abrasive miracle workers easily take care of business - just don't use them on painted glossy surfaces!

For those hard-to-reach areas around windows, Mr. Clean has the perfect solution! The Magic Eraser Sheets are incredibly flexible and come in packs of 16 - just get it wet, squeeze out any excess water and your problem surface is left sparkling clean with minimal effort.

window cleaning tool

Rain-X Glass Cleaner and Rain Repellent

Keep windows, windshields, and shower doors sparkling with a rain-repellent coating! This special treatment goes beyond the powers of ordinary glass cleaner - by adding an extra layer to your surfaces, droplets will simply roll away keeping them clear.

Make sure your windshield remains crystal clear with Rain-X! A simple spray and wipe of the glass will give you a lasting hydrophobic coating that fights off rain, snow, or anything nature can throw at it. You'll be rewarded with streak free visibility - no matter what Mother Nature has in store for us. Plus, you won't have to worry about constantly cleaning as often because this protective layer makes all the difference between cleanings.

window cleaner tools

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Baban Adjustable-Height Squeegee

If your windows are higher than an arm's reach, you don't have to climb a ladder - just grab yourself an adjustable squeegee! With its versatile handle length, it brings the cleaning power of traditional handheld versions directly within easy-access range.

With its innovative design, the Baban Window Squeegee makes it easy to clean your windows without straining yourself. The four-section pole can be assembled together up to an impressive 61 inches tall and features a comfort grip handle for added convenience. Best of all, the cleaning head is adjustable with both squeegees and machine-washable microfiber cloths so you won't miss any spots in those hard-to reach corners! At only 1.5 pounds light, this high performing window cleaner will take care of business hassle free - no muscle fatigue required!

tools for window cleaners

HOPE’S Perfect Glass Cleaner

For half a century, HOPE'S has been providing the cleaning power of Perfect Glass. Their exclusive ammonia-free formula is designed to safely and effectively clean any glass surface - from dark tint windows all the way down to your phone screen! Just one quick spritz and wipe leaves you with sparkling results in no time flat!

tool for window cleaners

Modern Domus Neverending Reach Window Cleaner Kit

The revolutionary "Neverending Reach" window cleaning kit takes your high-up windows from out of reach to totally clean! This 4 section telescoping pole extends up to 65.5 inches, allowing you large and small panes alike the chance for a gleaming shine. It comes with two 12 inch long scrubbing heads and an 8 inch variation designed specifically for those tight spots, plus bonus microfiber cloths - all backed by a full 1 year warranty! With its amazing extended length but thin squeegee blades that allow water down into the interior shaft of the pole however, this versatile cleaner requires extra care when in use!

Ettore 65000 Professional Window Cleaning Kit

Forget about run-of-the mill window cleaning kits; the Ettore 65000 is here to revolutionize your glass panel maintenance. It features a unique, handheld design that includes a 12" silicone squeegee and 10" microfiber washcloth so you can quickly clean without leaving behind streaky water or fatiguing yourself in the process. Plus, its modular construction will keep it lasting for years to come - just remember to purchase the pole separately!

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There you go window cleaning pros! must have (with a bonus) of the best window cleaning window cleaning tools that will make your life a whole lot easier.

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