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10 Must Have Apps for Electricians

Field Service Guru

Electrical professionals are aware of complex mathematical and schematic problems that arise on the job. With the world going digital, having to manage your business at the same time should be seamless and easy, not a major headache.

Our 10 must have apps for electricians are designed to solve these problems, and allow you to focus on being an electrician. With so many options, it’s helpful to know which ones are best in class for what they do.

Electrical Reference Apps

1. Master Electrician Reference

The Master Electrician Reference (MER) is a reference app that many electricians rely on. It provides professional charts, tables, and formulas that are used in commercial, industrial, and residential projects. It has an efficient search function as well as a scientific calculator.

2. Electrical Engineering Dictionary

This is a free app that specializes in terms, definitions, and calculations. It’s a categorized guide through over 3,000 important electrical terms. It also has two customizable quiz modes to keep you sharp.

Calculator Apps

3. ElectroDroid PRO

Put away the reference manuals and clunky scientific calculator. This app provides a host of tools for specific applications, like voltage dividers, resistance ratios, converters and more.

4. DeWalt Mobile Pro

A complete construction calculator with free and paid versions. You select which type of calculations and integrated reference manuals you want, and it provides visual references and guides as well.

Utility Apps

5. EveryCircuit

Create and test your own circuits and see the effects animated in real time. It also displays interactive graphs to measure data as you build complete and dynamic circuits. It’s like learning about circuitry at a national conference that’s full of experts, tools, resources, and designs.

6. Decibel X

This free app uses your smart phone’s hardware as a sound pressure level (SPL) meter. You can export your readings as a chart, within a 30 to 130 dBA range.

7. Electromagnetic Detector EMF / Ultimate EMF Detector

These two electromagnetic frequency detector apps are capable of detecting EMF radiation. The Android version aligns its digital compass with the magnetic sensor on your phone, while the iOS version uses radio frequency communication. While neither are as accurate as an EMF detecting machine, they will let you know general areas of inefficiency.

Business Apps

8. ServGrow

Not to toot our own horn but our leading field service software for electricians and thousands of professional technicians. From team management, scheduling, and dispatching to marketing, scheduling, and booking, it does it all. It can process credit cards via the camera on your tablet and create invoices and estimates, while organizing and managing all of your business data.

9. Route4Me Route Planner

apps for electricians

Especially when you have multiple jobs, planning your route is an extra detail of stress. Its three-step process of entering your stops, the number of technicians, and hitting the OPTIMIZE button takes care of everything. It also does rescheduling and works for multiple vehicles.

10. QuickBooks

Keeping your books maintained on a daily business is essential for keeping things organized. QuickBooks is the premier accounting software, and its mobile invoicing capabilities are perfect for service professionals. Integrate it with ServiceTitanⓇ Mobile to have all of your data from multiple technicians handled in one location.

These 10 must have apps for electricians will allow you to make a great living, with less stress. Digital calculators, devices, and business software, along with electrician tools, are powerful in the right hands.

ServGrow is a leader in comprehensive field management software fo Electricians that electrical professionals utilize to help streamline their operations, boost revenue, and substantially increase their online exposure.

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