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Top 10 Best Electrician Business Cards to Impress

Field Service Guru

In this list of the top 10 best electrician business cards, each design has something unique to offer the personality of your brand. Although chances are you win a lot of work through previous clients, you can magnify that marketing effect with the right professional business card.

1. Light Switch Design

This light switch-themed business card is clean and efficient front to back. Select a unique font, add your details, and customize the visual elements of this design to match your services and personality. Once it’s finished, print it out with Vistaprint for a perfect render.

2. Blue Circuit Template

Choice in branding is always a must. This light blue circuit pattern works well for a clean, high-tech feel to your electrical business. The white square combined with the circuitry balances the contrast of the white background on the information side, and you can pick your own font.

3. Yellow Circuit Pattern

The black on yellow color choice combined with the circuitry theme of this card might be the perfect fit. Although you can pick your own fonts, the base text on this card is much easier to read, and it’s reminiscent of efficient power.

4. Simple Logo Design

The real art of branding and marketing is simplicity, and the impression of legitimacy. Using an original logo and modifying your business card might be the right choice, especially if you’re comfortable using PsPrint‘s simple customization features.

best electrician business cards

5. Create a Spark

This simple yet evocative graphic is sure to let people know that you connect them with electrical power. The clean white text on its red background contrasts perfectly to draw your prospects’ attention to your marketing message and business details.

6. Vintage Electrician Business Card Design

Electricians of the past were famous for having a trusty notepad for business purposes. This classic design displays your business name and phone number at the top, providing additional notes for your clients (when they call to make an appointment).

7. Serious Modern Electrician Business Card

Imagine this business card, with energetic accents, with your logo on it. In this case, they use orange and gray on the black background, but they will tailor it to your branding. It seems basic, but sometimes that’s exactly what you need to get your message across.

8. Frosted Plastic Business Card

Don’t let the color choice throw you off; this is a very appealing effect. Rather than being flimsier than paper, it’s actually more durable and it might give the impression that you’re a versatile, modern-age electrical service professional.

9. Eco-Friendly Light Bulb

If your services emphasize being eco-friendly or the quality of electrical efficiency, you might use the eco-friendly light bulb. It has a portrait-oriented design that features plenty of space for your logo. This is perfect for small businesses that include the name of their business and a tag line, with the clear-cut, boxy text at the bottom.

10. Shades of Blue

Rather than using a themed or flashy card, why not let your logo and details speak for themselves? A simple blue and gray color choice might match your company perfectly, and it’s a lot calmer and down to business than red or yellow.


This list of the top 10 best electrician business cards to impress might give your business the presence it needs. The choice of your business cards is as relevant to the personality of your electrical services as who you learn from and do business with.

If you haven’t considered joining a union yet, try looking for one. An electrician’s association might have unique resources to use in your business, as well as a convention of like-minded professionals.

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