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Top 10 Essential HVAC Apps for Service Pros

Field Service Guru

Top 10 Essential HVAC APPS

1. HVAC Check & ChargeTM

Are you looking for a straight-forward, on-the-field refrigerant charge calculator? HVAC Check & ChargeTM is a free mobile app from Emerson Climate Technologies that helps you to calculate the right system refrigerant charge quickly.

2. HVAC Buddy

HVAC Buddy is the deluxe version of the HVAC Check & ChargeTM. This is an all-in-one job-site app that can help you work effectively and safely. With its refrigerant charging and diagnostic capabilities, HVAC Buddy can make your HVAC work easier. For instance, when you’re servicing or repairing any HVACR equipment, just whip out your phone to diagnose and calculate the right refrigerant charge accurately.

Once you type in the refrigerant type, HVAB Buddy will show the “actual, target, and difference” for superheat. After getting the data you need, send a personalized email for any or all your service calls.

Also, this app can help you with airflow. It can compare the targeted differences across the coil versus actual Target Evaporator Exit Temperature (TEET).

3. HVAC Refrigerant PTTM

This app offers readily accessible refrigerant information, including bubble and dew pressures. The app allows users to customize its setting to include seven different units of pressure, refrigerant type, and temperature.


4. Complete HVAC Dictionary Free

This app will help you with HVAC terminology. The app is a quick way to navigate through a reference guide with over 3,000 terms and definitions.

5. iManifoldTM

The iManifoldTM app helps you do your job with greater accuracy and efficiency. The app troubleshoots system problems via user inputs and dynamic live system data and it calculates HVACR system performance.

With this app, you can easily choose from over 40 refrigerant and equipment profiling options.

6. HVAC Duct Sizer

HVAC Duct Sizer is a universal duct-sizing app that can help you know the size of the duct by airflow or by dimensions. Also, it can help to know the range of duct sizes. Using this app, you can use the “constant friction” method to determine duct sizes.

7. Refrigerant Slider

This app is a no-frills mobile converter for quick and accurate pressure-to-temperature conversions. The app converter covers 69 different refrigerants. This refrigerant Slider app also gives crucial information about Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP) and Global Warming Potential (GWP).

8. CompanyCam

By leveraging technology to deliver real-time images, this app improves field-to-office communications. CompanyCam is a smart photo app that reduces the need for technicians to CSR phone calls that connect the phone lines for calling customers. The app also offers a glossary of past work done.

CompanyCam app has successfully helped home service companies ease employee or customer disputes by providing visual evidence. This app is great for paying close attention to customers, and it improves on-site productivity.

9. HyTools

IMI Hydronic Engineering international built this app. HyTools is a hydronic calculator specifically built for techs in the HVAC industry. The app provides simplified calculations and conversions for professionals who specialize in radiant and cooling systems.

10 Best HVAC Apps

10. Duct Calculator EliteTM

The Duct Calculator EliteTM is an industry-leading app designed to handle duct-sizing calculations. The app calculates calculations ranging from duct size to velocity to pressure and even flow rate.

The app eliminates the cumbersome “slider” controls, which improve the user’s ability to enter values with precision.

These 10 essential HVAC apps will improve your productivity. Digital calculators, business apps, along with Nexia’s home automation system and reading the best HVAC blogs will make your work less stressful. If you’re looking for leads, this article will help you get more leads.

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