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The Ultimate List of the Best HVAC Tools

Field Service Guru

HVAC Technicians need the right tools at their disposal. Having the right tools and resources at your disposal can help you scale your business. Here is a list of the best HVAC tools you must have at your disposal for service calls, installs, and routine maintenance of heating and air systems.

Essential Hand Tools

1. Hammer

The hammer is the most mundane tool in the toolkit of any HVAC technician. There are a variety of hammers for each task, including the lightweight hammer.

2. Screwdriver

There are a variety of tasks that require screwing and unscrewing screws of all sizes, including working on the unit, vents, or thermostat.

3. Pliers

Wire pliers are often used to cut heavy wires that run to and from the breaker box. When working on a thermostat, a needle-nose plier is used to grab wires. Pliers of different sizes are useful for a variety of tasks on the job site.

Essential HVAC Tools

4. Tape Measure

The tape measure performs a variety of tasks on the job site, including measuring duct-work to measure space for air conditioner units, furnaces, or vents.

5. Wire Stripers

The wire stripper makes stripping wires and reconnecting them with wire nuts easier than using a knife to peel the wire covering.

6. Pipe Wrench

A plumbing tool such as a pipe wrench is a common flier for HVAC technicians. There are different sizes of pipe wrenches for pipes of different sizes. Furnaces have pipes attached to them. Thus, you will need to use a pipe wrench when installing or repairing a furnace to remove or attach the pipes.

7. Step Ladder

When packing your HVAC toolkit, don’t forget the step ladder. You will need a step ladder, especially when servicing units and cleaning vents.

Special HVAC Tools

8. Multimeter

The multimeter is an HVAC technician’s go to tool to avoid getting electrocuted. The multimeter helps check electrical currents and see if voltage is present. It helps to detect currents at outlets, switches, or wires.

Special HVAC Tools - Multimeter

9. Thermometer

The thermometer helps HVAC technicians to detect changes in temperature. Temperature shows if the equipment is working properly, and it helps determine if a refrigerant should be added.

10. Cordless Drill

HVAC technicians need a strong and durable cordless drill because they will carry it anywhere, including in the antics or into crawlspaces.

11. Sawzall

HVAC technicians need the Sawzall to cut through messy materials or cut overhead. The Sawzall is great for cutting different materials without changing power tools.

12. Manifold Gauge

HVAC technicians use Manifold Gauge to detect leaks. Also, they use it when charging the air conditioning unit or during the removal of refrigerant.

13. Extension Cords

HVAC technicians often need to power up away from the electrical or generator. The extension cords are used to extend electricity.

14. Tubing Cutter

During installation or repair of HVAC equipment, tubing cutters are used to cut pipes.

DuctWork Tools

15. Tin Snips

Tin snips are used to cut the ductwork.

16. Hand Seamers

Hand seamers replace the need for a board, a hammer, and pliers when shaping the ductwork. They are used to bend, shape, or flatten the metal sheet used in the ductwork.

17. Crimpers

The crimper together with cutting pliers are used to cut wires, sheet metal, and to crimp connectors.

18. Awl

The awl is used to score the sheet metal so that you can cut it straight. Also, HVAC techs can use it to punch holes in sheet metal, wood, or sheetrock.

19. Staple Gun

The staple gun is used to staple insulation in place or to staple sheet metal.

20. Unions and Associations

The purpose of unions is to protect workers’ rights, including HVAC technicians. If you want to earn a good living as an HVAC technician, you should look into joining a union or association.

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