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How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business: 6 Pro Tips to Succeed

Ending work early and having a flexible schedule are great reasons to start your pool cleaning business. But do you think you’ll have what it takes? We’ll share with you the fundamentals of starting a pool cleaning business so you can succeed in this industry. These tips are directly from other experts with a lot of experience and wisdom in the industry. These are six important tips to follow when trying to get your business off the ground.

How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business: 6 Pro Tips to Succeed

6 Pro Tips to Succeed When Trying to Start a Pool Cleaning Business:

1. Acquire Experience and Expertise About Pool Cleaning

This might seem obvious, but you shouldn’t be starting a pool business if you don’t have a clue what you’re doing. Pool experts always affirm that a pool business should be experts in what they do before starting. Before trying to get clients, market your business, or even start one, you need to do lots of training. Get educated on how to clean a pool. It only reflects poorly on you if you’re trying to acquire customers with no knowledge about the pool cleaning industry. Get some manufacturer’s training, online training, and anything so that you can get yourself caught up.

There are many methods to gain experience. Gain experience by networking with pool industry experts, acquiring expertise in the field, joining an association and working with others. Try to do all of these things to put yourself in a great position. Talk to others and network around to locate the best experts.

Ideally, you want to acquire as much experience as before, even starting. Work with somebody before starting to learn the ins and outs of the business and learn the skills necessary to clean a pool. Learning under an experienced expert will help you develop a stable and successful career in the industry. Learn anything you can from experts and soak up their knowledge.

2. Know Your Spa and Pool Chemistry

First, you’ll need to know the water chemistry for various pools. Brush up on your poll chemistry skills by researching, talking to local professionals, and taking classes at various conferences. Don’t be afraid to talk to experts. Ask questions at the local pool chemical supply shop, go to a business meetup, and ask around your local area. People are willing to share their valuable expertise if you ask. If you don’t get this right, it will cost you a lot of wasted money on chemicals, and you’ll have a bad reputation.

3. Find an Excellent Client Relationship Management Software

Having the right technology will put you in a position for success. Client relationship management software helps manage your customers, follow-up with them, and build a strong connection with them. Figure out the processes and tools to make your business run more effectively. A CRM tool will ensure your customer service details are performed, and your team is running on the same page. These tools make business growth much easier to manage. CRM enables you to record photos, detailed technician notes, work history, invoicing history, and track client property information. It will help your team stay on track with invoicing, troubleshooting, and building a connection with your customers.

4. Always Prioritize Customer Service and Diligence

Customer service will help you stand out from all the other pool service companies. Just follow through on your promises, and you will stand out. It can be as easy as asking your customers what they want. Just personalize your solution to make sure they receive the best experience. Start by doing the following:

Always be on time: Practice trying to be there early, set timers, so you know how long it tasks, and plan your schedule. Once you can arrive on time consistently, you can make promises to your clients and let them know when you’ll be there.

Communicate effectively: Always communicate with your client whether it’s before or after your appointment. Explain to them what you did. If they were present, then send them an email updating them about your service or leaving a handwritten note inside of their mailbox.

Educate your customers: Talk to your clients and ask them what they’re looking for. Then explain to them which chemicals are best for their pool. Put some effort into building the relationship and showcase why you’re the expert, building trust.

Don’t overload your schedule: Don’t jam yourself with a lot of appointments. Having too many of them will affect the quality of your work. Once you perform poorly, it will affect your reputation.

5. Develop a Brand

Branding will enhance the marketing and professionalism of your business. Focus on branding from the beginning. It will build your reputation and set a foundation for your business.

Have a Logo and Company Name

You can choose your business name based on your company values, work ethic, or city. Make sure it’s the one you want because it will appear on business cards, invoices, uniforms, company vans, and your website. Consider hiring a branding agency or local designer to help you create a professional logo.

How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business: 6 Pro Tips to Succeed
How to Start a Pool Cleaning Business: 6 Pro Tips to Succeed

Create a Well Organized Website

Buy a domain from websites like Wix, Squarespace, or GoDaddy. Always include your business name within the URL. These sites usually offer email domains, so make sure to get them. This is an important investment for customers to see your business online before making a decision. Also, opt your business by creating a Facebook Business Page and GoogleMyBusiness, so that customers can find you.

6. Get the Technical Aspects Right

Always try to handle the technical aspects of starting a business before these issues arise in the future. You’ll need to register your business and establish an LLC. You will likely need a P.O. box, so consider renting or purchasing one. An LLC helps to separate business from personal and safeguard your personal assets. For legality purposes, registering your business is crucial. This will also come into play when doing taxes.

Bonus: Check to see if you have you need a pool license for Arizona and California.

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