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Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business? The Ultimate Guide

It’s a great time to start a carpet cleaning business. Not only can you make a great income for you and your family, but carpet cleaners are relied upon by thousands of people in residential and commercial contexts. Professional cleaning has become a necessity. If you want to capture a slice of the profits, this guide will help you achieve that.

Some of the steps are similar to other businesses, such as bookkeeping, marketing, and administration, but other steps are unique. A cleaning business will benefit from certification, training, and utilizing the best equipment. There are eight steps you can follow, and they’re discussed below.

Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business? The Ultimate Guide
Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business? The Ultimate Guide

Starting Your Carpet Cleaning Company

1. Carpet Cleaning Business Plan

Whenever you think of starting a carpet cleaning business, the first step will always be the planning which will include the development of a carpet cleaning business plan. You’ll want to get clear on as many details (including the business name) as possible before you invest any of your time and money. Plans in business are also essential for giving you a map to follow so you can reach your goals. The plan can be professional or casual, an overview or an in-depth examination. Either way you choose to write it, you should ensure it’s easy to understand and to adapt.

Some of the areas it should cover are:

· The target audience and services to be provided

· The equipment you plan to use

· Your strategy for hiring employees

· The marketing strategy

· The goals you have for finances

· The pricing you’ll charge

A business plan is not fixed and can change over time. It's simply a snapshot of where you are before you begin so that you have the confidence to get started.

Budget Planning

A business plan should also include your estimated expenses and an assessment of the funds you currently have access to. You'll want to plan out how you'll be using these and how quickly they could diminish. You'll need to include salary costs for employees, equipment costs, carpet cleaning insurance, marketing and administrative fees. There is a range of online templates you can use.

2. The Training

You can get training from the IICRC, which will provide you with certificates that you can show to your clients. These courses can be taken online or at a physical location.

You can also find courses from TMF Academy, and when you need to get some equipment, Jon-Don is an ideal supplier that also provides training for carpet cleaning businesses. You should get your employees qualified in the same way you are.

The best way to learn is to gain experience whilst working. Shadowing other carpet cleaners is a great way to do this, and you’ll learn quickly. If you do this, come with a list of questions.

3. Business Registration

You’ll want to get all of the legal permits that your business needs once you reach this stage. You can contact local government officials and state guidelines to see what you need. You’ll also need to legally register your business. The structure you use will depend on whether it’s just you, or you and a spouse or business partner.

4. Get a Bank Account

You should get a business-specific account so that all of your funds are separate. This is helpful for tax reasons as well as keeping you out of legal trouble. An accountant may be able to help you with your business finances at this stage.

5. Get Insured

Businesses involve a large amount of paperwork, and a lot of this is insurance-related. People buy insurance to protect themselves from claims against them in court, and the same applies to businesses. Many types of insurance cover different areas, and the best approach is to do your research. You need to get this right so that you're not landed with costly legal bills.

6. Get Equipped

You’ll need to have the right tools for every cleaning job, and that may mean getting them from a local store if your budget is tight. If you do have more funds, you should get professional equipment.

A vacuum, steam cleaner, and cleaning chemicals are the most essential things you'll need. You can then add plenty of other pieces, such as rakes, stain removal kits, and tools for stairs. You can get an idea of what you'll need by asking other businesses that specialize in carpet cleaning.

7. Finance The Business

You should always make sure you have the money to buy what you need and to keep the business running. That includes starting it up and growing the business during its first year. This should have been calculated as part of the budget plan.

Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business? The Ultimate Guide
Starting a Carpet Cleaning Business? The Ultimate Guide

The money will at first come from you, but eventually, you may need to use loans. If you need money faster, you can get some credit cards that are easy to qualify for. However, if you do this you should make sure you're not going to get into debt.

8. Marketing The Business

You’ll want to ensure you’ve got some customers waiting before you launch your business, otherwise you’ll be waiting for ages to get clients. Using word-of-mouth, social media, and referrals are great ways to build up name recognition, and you can use testimonials once you get them. You can also ask local businesses if they need your help, and make a website to promote yourself.

The Key Message

Feeling overwhelmed is normal, but if you follow all of these steps then you should get off to a great start. Eventually, you'll be able to expand your business.

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