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Top 18 Best Electrician Blogs for Industry Professionals

ServGrow Professor

The best electrician blogs are not just about how-to information. They provide up-to-date market trends that customers want, and share vital information on which high-tech tools are worth their salt. The list that we’ve curated here includes blogs and communities of business owners, electricians, and contractors.

The Top 18 Electrician Blogs

1. Service Roundtable Blog

Service Roundtable is a private association of electricians, plumbers, and solar and HVAC technicians. Their blog is invaluable for independent contractors.

2. VitalStorm Blog

This blog teaches electricians to measure their marketing and provide insights for their digital presence. A great way to learn how to reach out to your customers online.

3. Electrician Talk Articles publishes expert articles specifically related to the industry. You can join their forum for free, which is an excellent way to get your specific questions answered.

4. Electrical News

For more than 30 years, Electrical News has published authoritative articles. They have a robust and well-organized backlog of content going decades back.

5. IEC Insights Magazine

Independent Electrical Contractors has 50 educational campuses, and is a nonprofit company. Their online magazine provides news and expertise on their organization and the industry at large.

6. Electrical Marketing

This blog provides a perspective of the industry from a corporate standpoint. They feature profiles, products and news that will give you a great indication of market trends.

7. Electrical Solutions

Specifically related to utility and electrical equipment, they break new products and services down to brass tax. All of their articles are cataloged on their website.

8. r/electricians is a massive and efficient forum-style website. Search for the electricians subreddit and you’ll find an enormous community of like-minded professional electricians.

9. IBEW Media Center

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers is a Canadian and U.S. organization with more than 750,000 members. Check out their Media Center for exclusive content. They might have a union they could recommend as well.

10. NECA Newsroom

The National Electrical Contractors Association’s Newsroom is an excellent source of technical information. They also provide perspectives on the future of the electrical industry.

11. Contractor Talk Electrical Forum

Contractor Talk has a plethora of well-established trade forums. The Electrical Forum has a tremendous amount of industry experts that you can ask for advice and information.

12. Mike Holt’s Forum

This forum is full of novices and long-time professionals alike. With many of Mike Holt Enterprises’ students and professional associates answering questions, it’s a very unique resource.

13. HouseRepair Talk Electrical and Wiring Forum

This forum combines DIY and professional discussions with over 15,000 original and curated posts. This is especially valuable for interdisciplinary and detailed questions and answers.

14. My LED Lighting Guide Blog

This blog has been around for more than a decade, and is specifically related to LED replacements and installations. It offers a lot of technical and product review posts.

15. Electrical Career Now Blog

An excellent resource for connecting prospective electrical professionals with the right education and training. Perfect for those wanting to be electricians and electrical engineers.

top 18 best electrician blogs

16. Klein Tools Blog

This is a manufacturer-based blog. They offer objective product reviews, expert profiles, industry outlooks, and best practice articles.

17. Lighting Supply Blog

A distributor-based blog related to lighting products. They deliver content on how to work with lighting, as well as comprehensive product reviews.

18. Electrical Web Solutions Blog

Founded by real, seasoned electricians, this blog is based specifically on marketing electrical services. Apply the skills you learn here, and there might be many jobs available!

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