Handyman Apps: The Ultimate List to Help Your Handyman Biz

If you aren't using smartphone handyman apps to improve your productivity and income then you are missing out on some major benefits. Read on for the top apps for handymen you should have in your toolkit to improve your business

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Smartphone technology has transformed how people d business in all industries, including the handyman business. If you aren't using smartphone apps to improve your productivity and income then you are missing out on some major benefits. Read on for the top smartphone apps you should have in your toolkit to improve your business. 

DEWALT Mobile Pro

This is an Android Application that helps construction professionals make important calculations such as area, volume, and even metric measurement conversions. The app helps you do these calculations fast and accurately so it’s an app found in most handymen phones. 

A great feature of this app is that you can share your calculations with clients or colleagues via email. It also has all the formulae used by handymen programmed and you can access them with a tap of your finger. It also uses real-world examples to explain complex calculations. 


This is another android app that is very popular with handymen. It helps you find the cheapest gas prices in whatever location you are in. Many handymen travel from location to location and spend a lot of money on gas. Finding the cheapest places to buy fuel can save you some much-needed money. 

Another feature of the app is that you can register it in the app to be notified in case the manufacturer even recalls it. It also sends you alerts if price hikes are about to happen so that you can buy gas at a lower price. You can also share gas prices with your friends and colleagues. 

The Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius 

This app is very useful both for professional DIY and amateur DIYers. It has tips and guides for almost any DIY project you may want to undertake. The tips are categorized so that they are easy to find and follow. This is an android app so if you have an android phone add it today to make any DIY project easier. 


BrightNest is another Android app for handymen. It also provides tips for properly completing DIY projects. The good thing about this app is that it also gives ideas for redesigning and remodeling homes. Browse through this app when you are considering a DIY project for tips on completing the project as well as creative ideas on how to design your project. 

Surface Level

This is the first iOS app that has made it to our list. It is very useful in measuring the distance between objects as well as the length and width of surfaces. It very handily stores this information so that you will be able toa cess the measurements at a later time if needed. 

Paint Tester

Choosing a paint color for walls is usually a hard decision for clients but this app makes it very easy. Paint tester is available on both android and iOS and it can be sued to give a realistic idea of how a color will look like on a given space. You upload the picture of your space and then test out different colors, making it easy to choose the best paint color. There are also many other features and tools that help you test out decorating ideas on how best to improve your space. 

If you need more information about running a successful handyman business then check out the rest of our blog. We have tips on areas such as the best liability insurance to take out, how to write a business contract, creative marketing slogans you can use, and blogs you should be reading. 

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