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Plumbing Logos: Top Do’s and Don’ts in a Plumber Logo

Field Service Guru
You might shock you to learn that you won't need to be a great graphic designer to make one. All you need is a few guidelines and structure to follow to get your creative juices flowing. With just a bit of work and creativity, you can create an excellent brand logo that defines your company, drives business growth and increases your brand visibility. We've broken down all the essential ingredients you need for a brand logo. You want to integrate features that will gain your customer's trust, as well as display your professionalism.

Logo Basics

Before you can get started making your logo, you'll need to know exactly what your mission statement and business goals are. This way, your customers will know how you differentiate your company and services from your competitors. Once you've nailed down those details, it's time to get to work on crafting your logo. A logo should very directly tell your customers who you are and what you do. A brand name tells your customers what the identity of your company is. Logos are important because they help your clients remember and recognize you in the future. An outstanding plumbing logo can help you stand out against other competitors. This is because customers will perceive you in a different light, and trust will be built over time. Keep in mind it takes only ten seconds for a person to have a first impression about your logo, but may take 5 to 7 impressions to recognize your logo. Here are some other tips for your logo: Brand Personality: A plumbing logo contributes to communicating your company's personality. Simple and Bold: Making a bold statement, but at the same time, keeping it simple will aid in helping customers recall your logo. Having plain or boring logos will do the opposite and the same with confusing designs. Logo Anatomy: Most logos contain a name and a mark on it. Some companies, such as Nike, may have just the swoosh symbol itself. They are so famous and recognizable that they only need the symbol. For you as a new business, you should consider having both the logo and your company name. Below we'll cover the best types of images to use for your plumbing logo.

Types of Logos to Consider

What do Coca-Cola, IBM, and Apple have in common in their logos? They all have simplicity. These designers were clever in using timeless elements for their logos instead of the flashy ones. You may see some of the trendy logos that die out within a few years. Logotype: This typography is very distinct
  • Great for short names such as eBay, Google, and IBM
Monograms: Usually this typography includes a company's initials
  • Great for companies that have longer names
  • May be difficult for new plumbing businesses, since customers won't know what it stands for
  • Examples are LG, GE, and Volkswagon (VW)
Abstract Marks: A company name is paired with a nonrepresentational design
  • Makes your business more distinctive and unique
  • Examples are Pepsi, BP and Chase
Descriptive Marks: Using visuals to represent a company's services
  • Easily displays what your company does and easy for customers to remember
  • Avoid any cartoonish or childish marks
  • Examples are Dunkin Donuts and the National Cotton Council
Seals or Emblems: This typography with an icon in the shape of a circle, oval or shield goes back to the middle ages
  • Represents a long-standing business and tradition
  • Examples: Starbucks, Alfa Romeo, State and Federal agencies
Now you can see there is an array of typography options to choose from. If you're new to the business, you want to choose a descriptive mark such as a water droplet or pipe with a unique front. This will make it easy for customers to recognize you. Keep in mind there are many ideas, and you don't have to stick to only these methods.

What is the Color Psychology of Logos

Color is directly tied to your brand and company. Colors make us feel different emotions depending on the color, so be sure to choose a set of colors that signify your company's spirit. When you're working on your design, make sure to draw up a few colors to use. Also, be sure to imagine how the colors will also look at your marketing materials, flyers, business cards, and website. Associating color influences a person's memory, so use this to your advantage to help customers remember your company. Here are a few general color meanings to take from: Red: passion, bold, danger, love, power, youthful Green: natural, envy, luck, money, strength, Blue: calm, confidence, loyalty, trust, comfort, water, strength, authority Purple: wise, creativity, nobility, luxury, success, wealth Orange: friendship, fun, cheerful, confidence, excitement Yellow: attention, playful, energy, sunshine, optimism White: light, purity, cleanliness, peace, safety, refined Black: formality, serious, classic, tradition, neutral, calm Make sure your logo design is flexible in both small and large sizes. And it should look very distinct in black and white as well.

Best Plumbing Logos

We've also compiled some of the best logo ideas from other blogs for you to checkout. You may see that these plumbing logos use straightforward designs such as grey, red, blue, and black. Some customers will recognize key icons such as water droplets, pipes and wrenches. Looking at these designs may give you insight on how to use similar elements but make it even better. For example, you can use a different abstract mark or a different color like purple or even a grittier typography. Take your time planning out the best logo because it's a key aspect of your brand identity. Designing your logo shouldn't be the last part of creating your business.

Best Designs

To create a memorable design logo, make sure to remember that conveying trust and professionalism is essential. You may be inundated with a bunch of tasks such as picking the right tools or downloading the latest apps, but don't forget about designing a fantastic logo that people will remember. A strong prominent logo can help with brand recognition and help drive your business forward.  ServGrow is a leader in comprehensive HVAC software that industry professionals utilize to help streamline their operations, boost revenue, and substantially increase their online exposure. Ready to learn more about what ServGrow can do for your business? Contact our team to schedule a demo today.
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