4 Best Window Cleaning Cloths: For Professional Results

Read in for the four best window cleaning cloths used by professional window cleaners.

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Microfiber cleaning cloths are one of the most important window cleaning tools used by professionals to attain streak-free windows. The fibers’ are effective as cleaning agents because of their finely split strands. These greatly increase the surface area for the microfiber cloth to collect dirt and dust. Having these split strands also gives microfiber cleaning cloth the ability to pick up to 100 times as much dirt and dust as a paper towel. 

The microfiber cloth also enables the cleaning of windows using water alone with no need for cleaning chemicals. This eco-friendly option of window cleaning is an attractive feature of microfiber cleaning cloths.

After cleaning the windows, the fiber’s thin ultra-silky-smooth surface side achieves streak-free drying for professional results. Finding the right window cleaning cloth will therefore largely depend on your budget and the extent of dirt and dust to be cleaned. 

Microfiber cleaning cloths come in different styles, tailored according to the tasks to be performed. Heavy-duty industrial microfiber cloth, for example, is made for cleaning tough grime by greatly increasing the finely split strands through the thickening and texturing of the strands. 

Here are the four best window cleaning cloths used by professional window cleaners.

1. The E-Cloth Window Cleaning Pack

E-cloth window cleaners have a cult following of over 2,000 Amazon reviews. They come as a set made to work together. It is an antimicrobial cloth that removes up to 99% of pathogens such as bacteria, mildew, and mold. The E-Cloth is sold with a 300-wash longevity guarantee and has been endorsed by the United Kingdom's Good Housekeeping Institute.

2. The Microfiber Wholesale Glass Cleaning Cloths

Wholesale microfiber glass cleaning cloths cost $17 for a set of eight. The budget-friendly cleaning cloth has two damp cleaning nubby textured green towels and six ultra-smooth towels to ensure streak-free, low-lint drying for professional results. Buying a wholesale pack allows you to finish numerous window cleaning jobs without needing to replenish your stock.

3. The Fine Microfiber Magic Streak Free Cloth (3-Pack)

Microfiber magic streak free cloths are multipurpose thin square-shaped cleaning cloths that can be used damp or dry. These types of cleaning cloths work best on delicate surfaces such as electronic screens and camera lenses. They work perfectly in eliminating fingerprints and smudges for professional results on glass and windows. 

The Microfiber Magic should be air-dried for best results and can be used for up to five years if properly cared for. They are conveniently packaged in packs of three, six, and ten.

4. Chemical Guys Workhorse Professional Grade Microfiber Towel (3-Pack)

This is a thick industrial cleaning cloth suited for tackling extra grime. The cloth can also be used in other areas for which towels in lighter colors are provided. The towels in lighter colors make dust marks quickly visible, prompting the user to swap out a clean towel. The darker colored towels are for grimy jobs only, to be stored separately after use.

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