Window Cleaning Jobs and Where to Find Them

Window washers can earn up to $50,000 and the main requirement for the job is fitness and an ability to hang from tall buildings. Does this sound interesting? Read on for more information about window cleaning jobs and where you can find them.

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Are you looking for a quick way to earn money? Then we suggest that you get a job as a window cleaner. High-rise buildings accommodate millions of people worldwide and keeping their windows clean can be a huge challenge. The cleaning is left to companies that employ high-rise window washers who keep the tall buildings glistening and shining with a variety of window cleaning cloths.

Window washers can earn up to $50,000 and the main requirement for the job is fitness and an ability to hang from tall buildings. Does this sound interesting? Read on for more information about window cleaning jobs and where you can find them.

Risks Faced On The Job

High-rise window washing is a dangerous job demanding the utmost respect for safety as accidents do happen. Some mishaps cannot be helped as when dangerous gusts of winds tilt cleaning platforms to dangerous angles or seasonal bugs crash into faces and peregrine falcons attack scalps.

Window washing companies take safety very seriously because any accidental falls tend to be fatal. You will, therefore, undergo frequent on the job safety training and you will also be provided with proper window cleaning tools and safety equipment.

How Much Can You Earn As A Window Washer?

The salary of high-rise window washers is quite high due to the risks involved. Window washers make around $10 to $25 per hour. High-rise building window washing is expensive and time-consuming. For instance, it can cost up to $100,000 to clean the windows of a 25-story building twice a year. One can estimate the size of the window cleaning invoice for the world’s tallest building Burj Khalifa in Dubai with160 floors.

The Job

Working as a window washer requires that you clean hundreds of windows without leaving behind a single streak. Window cleaning for high-rise buildings is often done as teamwork. The window washers work outside of buildings on small platforms and always look out for each other. There are some window washers who work solo on rope supported bosun chairs.

Window washers need sunlight to work properly. As a result, they start the day early and work until the afternoon factoring in bathroom and lunch breaks. Such human needs are hard to make when one is 50-stories high and outdoors. As a window washer, you will be able to work year-round, except in geographically cold places where window cleaning is seasonal.

How To Get A Window Washer Job

Making a living as a window washer is within your reach. To find jobs you can search for job postings online. You can also apply directly with a certified window washing company having a good safety record and offering training for employees. You can find window washing companies on google or the yellow pages.

It is preferable that you get trained and certified for this career. Certification in the high-rise building window washing industry can be done through the International Window Cleaning Association (IWCA). The IWCA ensures professionalism and safety standards of companies through the training and certification of members. IWCA offers insurance coverage and protection, as well as support in getting jobs.

To learn more about other careers such as how much HVAC technicians earn and how to create an invoice template for your business read the rest of our blog.

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