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Carpet Cleaning Business Equipment: Everything You Need

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Obviously, if you started a carpet cleaning business, you’re going to need carpet cleaning business equipment. Choosing the best equipment for you carpet cleaning business is almost as important as picking your business name. So, let’s jump into the next step in the plan and get the equipment you need to be successful in your cleaning business. Professional cleaning machines that clean carpets are not the same as your traditional vacuum cleaners. These machines will be a bit more challenging to use properly, and you'll also need training so that you can use them effectively.

Carpet Cleaning Business Equipment: Everything You Need
Carpet Cleaning Business Equipment: Everything You Need

The main difference between vacuums and carpet cleaners is the audiences they're for. Vacuums are for the domestic market, used by homeowners. Commercial cleaning machines for carpets are used by experts in the carpet cleaning industry.

If you're a business owner in the carpet cleaning niche, then these machines will help you considerably. This is true regardless of what type of business you own. Every business needs cleaning services, and plenty of businesses have carpets. When there are a lot of people visiting these businesses, their carpets become unclean, which is why cleaning machines are used to remove the dirt. You could also use these machines yourself, but only if you got trained in how to do so. There are also multiple types of carpet cleaning machines, so you'll want to be aware of this when you're picking one.

Vacuums might seem like an ideal choice, but they lack the chemicals and the suction power to deal with ingrained carpet dirt. It would take you many hours to clean a carpet with a vacuum, so doing large project could reduce your overall carpet cleaning income.

Cleaning machines are much better. They can cover a large surface area in a short period as well as giving the carpets a deeper clean. This is because of their special steam technology. Cleaning machines use hot water and cleaning fluid to coat the carpet, clean it, and then pull it out with suction. This is why cleaning machines are typically used for carpets. The cleaning fluids make the cleaning far more effective than if you use water alone. None of the dirt will remain, and because of this, carpet cleaning machines have now become very popular.

However, there are some important points to keep in mind. A deep clean is not 100% guaranteed. You'll have to choose the right machine for the job, and below we've included a list of tips that can help you do that.

Plenty of Heat

The hotter a cleaning machine can get, the better its performance will be. You should be looking for at least 190 degrees Fahrenheit. Each machine should have its heater inside, although you can buy an external one if needed.

Enough Power

If your machine can use additional electricity, then it will also perform better. 14HP is a good starting point, and portable cleaning machines can vary considerably. You should always make sure the wattage of the machine is proportional to its power.

Large Tanks

Cleaning machines for a commercial purpose generally have two tanks. The first one will be for a solution and the second for recovery. The solution tank stores the water and any cleaning chemicals that you have added to it. The recovery tank holds dirty water that has been sucked out of the carpet during use. With bigger tanks, you will be able to clean more carpets and use the machine for longer without draining and replenishing it. If your business is large, such as a cinema, this could make a massive difference.

Strong Pressure

When the cleaning fluid mixed with water presses into the carpet, it first has to be sprayed out. This is what the pump does. The strength of the pump is measured by its PSI score, which indicates It's pressure. A pump with a high PSI can penetrate more deeply into the carpet fibers, and wash away dirt that's been there for years. However, this means you'll also need good suction, otherwise drying your carpets could take a long time.

Carpet Cleaning Business Equipment: Everything You Need
Carpet Cleaning Business Equipment: Everything You Need

Drying Time

Just as you don’t take time off if your business, neither do your carpets. If they remain wet for too long after you’ve cleaned them, you’ll have to close your doors until they’re dry. Therefore you need to pick a carpet cleaning machine that dries the carpets fast. Heat and power factor into the drying time, because you need the machine to be hot as well as to suck out all of the water.

There are also some additional factors to consider, but these are the essential ones. Now, let’s get to marketing your carpet cleaning business so that you can start increasing your daily jobs.

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