Window Cleaning Invoice: Why You Need One Now

Having a window cleaning invoice template eliminates indecision and worry over your invoicing processes, resulting in consistency and big-time savings through automation.

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One of the most important aspects in a window cleaning business, is your window cleaning invoice. .A good window cleaning invoice template is a time saver that is critical in organizing your business’s bookkeeping accounts. It also enhances your professional outlook and gets you paid faster.

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Good invoice templates should be a simple standard one-pager with blank fields for the services provided by your company, costs charged, payment due date, and mode of payment. Having a window cleaning invoice template eliminates indecision and worry over your invoicing processes, resulting in consistency and big-time savings through automation.

Why You Need a Window Cleaning Invoice Template

A good invoice template will save you time, anxiety, and the risk of writing invoices by hand. Invoicing that are hand-written can be confusing and generally appear unprofessional. A clean, clear company branded invoice is easy for your clients to read and understand.

Formal invoices make what clients are paying for obvious, indicating how and when to pay. Payments are more likely to be made with little delay when understood but stall when clients have doubts or lack clarity and start asking questions.

Invoice templates can be used to accomplish the below tasks:

  • Keep a detailed record of transactions and services
  • Manage payments
  • Record information needed for taxes and/or legal purposes
  • Communicate services offered to clients like payment methods or discounts
  • Impress clients for repeat business and referrals

Fields To Include In A Window Cleaning Invoice

When creating your window cleaning invoice template ensure that the below fields are included:

  • Your company logo, business name, and contact information
  • A place to fill in the client’s name and contact information
  • The invoice number, issue date, and payment due date
  • Invoice line items, the number of units used, the price per unit, and total price
  • Invoice total before tax and discounts
  • Discounts and Tax amount
  • Final invoice total
  • Optional special discounts
  • Payment terms and instructions
  • Additional notes for the client

Invoicing Software

Manual paper invoices produced using carbon paper are rapidly becoming obsolete due to the prevalence of digital technology and automated invoicing software. Modern invoicing software makes billing easier and faster, saving you time and money.

Most software will allow you to create bids that can easily be converted to invoices. They also help you to keep track of paid and unpaid invoices and send reminders to clients that are overdue on their payments. With invoicing software, you also have the option to send invoices via email or SMS and can alert you when a client opens an invoice.

In case you need to invoice several jobs, some software has the capability of invoicing multiple jobs at once. Your invoicing software can also integrate with your accounting software which helps eliminate duplicate accounting entries. You will also be able to access past invoices and client history from your computer or mobile phone which makes it easy for you to answer queries or invoice clients while out in the field doing jobs.

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